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09-07-2014 21:06
There was several! ive deleted them & their posts.

09-07-2014 16:05
Spammer on new website?

04-07-2014 16:13
Meh, it's Kay, just me and zess exploring Pfft much paintings, so art.

04-07-2014 10:40
Sorry I requested the time off two months ago and they only told me I couldn't have it 2 weeks ago

03-07-2014 06:28
anywhere we should meet in Amsterdam if anyone's coming?

02-07-2014 22:25
So... whos actually comming, or will it just be me and zess exploring Amsterdam?

02-07-2014 13:01
Silly Chris... who made you think, you had a choise? Pfft

01-07-2014 09:26
Yeah afraid I can't make guild meet turns out I can't have that time off sadly...

28-06-2014 10:07
Soon Guild meeting Smile .... going to be fun XD

19-06-2014 18:43
We have moved, for those too lazy to venture into the actual forum Wink

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Alliee December 24 2013 18:44:48
Happy Xmas to all of you wonderful people!
Euphrati December 24 2013 14:45:58
Merry Christmas all!
Invalix December 24 2013 12:48:09
Merry christmas everyone! Smile
elleen December 24 2013 10:18:51
We wish all a merry Christmas And a Happy New Year Wink
Euphrati December 20 2013 20:30:50
And now Las Vegas? We're getting a wide variation there!
Alliee December 18 2013 12:33:04
Mell, I was thinking the exact same thing the other day!
mellony December 18 2013 12:09:21
First Winter Veil ive missed in WoW for 8 years :'(
Melodyx December 18 2013 07:18:14
i got one too Pfft from same place
Euphrati December 17 2013 12:58:15
Okay so I'm so bored I just tracked the Ip of the spambot account I just banned and deleted... Xiamen in South East China if anyone is equally bored/curious.
Tibby December 14 2013 18:36:50
So, thats why it sucks? Wink
Bootyluv December 13 2013 08:45:11
Pft, Dota doesn't suck - it's pretty much all I'm playing atm
JoeBravo December 11 2013 23:31:07
Zess, Dota still sucks. I'll stick to LoL for now Pfft
mellony December 11 2013 09:49:48
Mailing Heirloom items cross realm? cool.
Jake December 11 2013 00:30:51
Invalix December 10 2013 23:25:27
Euphrati December 04 2013 14:41:45
There we go people, one quick reference loot list for Siege. Please respond listing the bosses you need along with the item.
Euphrati December 04 2013 14:30:16
Yep finishing it up now.
Melodyx December 04 2013 13:26:18
yup sounds good probably be less important as time goes on but just speeds up the switches and allows for a bit of pre planning Pfft
Euphrati December 03 2013 22:21:27
Got it Ramy cheers and also yeah it's a good idea will set something up like that at some point thinking officer post first with it referenced by boss then individuals have posts the bosses they need which they can edit as situation changes?
Melodyx December 03 2013 17:27:55
in case chris doesnt get my mail, i cant raid again tonight sorry hopefully should be home by tommorw