June 14 2024 15:51:27
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09-07-2014 21:06
There was several! ive deleted them & their posts.

09-07-2014 16:05
Spammer on new website?

04-07-2014 16:13
Meh, it's Kay, just me and zess exploring Pfft much paintings, so art.

04-07-2014 10:40
Sorry I requested the time off two months ago and they only told me I couldn't have it 2 weeks ago

03-07-2014 06:28
anywhere we should meet in Amsterdam if anyone's coming?

02-07-2014 22:25
So... whos actually comming, or will it just be me and zess exploring Amsterdam?

02-07-2014 13:01
Silly Chris... who made you think, you had a choise? Pfft

01-07-2014 09:26
Yeah afraid I can't make guild meet turns out I can't have that time off sadly...

28-06-2014 10:07
Soon Guild meeting Smile .... going to be fun XD

19-06-2014 18:43
We have moved, for those too lazy to venture into the actual forum Wink

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Mazango May 24 2014 16:50:57
I might be leveling a character in June at some point maybe.
Invalix May 23 2014 17:30:15
anyone levelling any chars from fresh? Smile
Invalix May 20 2014 09:41:37
Should i create a guild on magtheridon or are we migrating it? Pfft im just in a random guild for xp atm.
Tanki April 19 2014 21:10:24
Euphrati April 18 2014 18:09:13
No problem Zess not really had a viable group anyway (tend to have between 5-7)
Zess April 17 2014 19:32:06
hey.. Sorry i accepted raids, and then didnt show up... thought i would be able to attend. Anyway, happy holidays everyone Smile
Esdras April 15 2014 14:30:12
Have a great holiday <3
Tanki April 13 2014 22:27:06
off on hols, see you in a week xx
Tibby April 12 2014 17:05:47
Tanki has to become a goblin mage (if they can be mages)... Pfft
Tanki April 11 2014 13:36:31
Ok have put a post up so we can discuss moving server etc.
Tanki April 11 2014 13:31:04
raid nights and recruited enough people to not need us CR.
Tanki April 11 2014 13:30:39
We all need to get together to discuss it really and you've not messed anything up XD As of last Wednesday evening Faithe moved their whole guild to a different server so we won't be raiding unless we can recruit a few people in. They have changed their r
Invalix April 11 2014 09:18:32
Did we decide anything with the doing of our lvl m90 chars on some different realm and all that yet? Sry for suddenly being away, i realy hope i didn't mess anything up Sad
Euphrati April 08 2014 10:18:39
Right just found out my 9 till 1 shift is in fact a 9 till close soft due to a first week snafu by new manager so won't be online in time for raid start but will be available when I get in.
Mazango April 02 2014 14:18:30
Might be 10-15 minutes late tonight kinda missed the earlier showing of captain America, I will be coming.
Euphrati March 31 2014 15:58:44
Not sure I'll be able to make it tonight had an all day shift spring on me and didn't sleep much last night
Invalix March 01 2014 11:45:23
did we forget the killshot again? Edit: Also hey wend! i remember you! Smile hope everything is great Smile
Euphrati February 24 2014 18:14:34
Heya Wend hope things are good over there!
wendaarie February 24 2014 07:38:55
HELLO EVERYONE! Smile just thought i send u all a big hello since i dont have time to play wow..miss you all! and hopefully someone remember me Smile
Jake February 22 2014 22:17:09
Either that or it was just genuinely terrible.