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09-07-2014 21:06
There was several! ive deleted them & their posts.

09-07-2014 16:05
Spammer on new website?

04-07-2014 16:13
Meh, it's Kay, just me and zess exploring Pfft much paintings, so art.

04-07-2014 10:40
Sorry I requested the time off two months ago and they only told me I couldn't have it 2 weeks ago

03-07-2014 06:28
anywhere we should meet in Amsterdam if anyone's coming?

02-07-2014 22:25
So... whos actually comming, or will it just be me and zess exploring Amsterdam?

02-07-2014 13:01
Silly Chris... who made you think, you had a choise? Pfft

01-07-2014 09:26
Yeah afraid I can't make guild meet turns out I can't have that time off sadly...

28-06-2014 10:07
Soon Guild meeting Smile .... going to be fun XD

19-06-2014 18:43
We have moved, for those too lazy to venture into the actual forum Wink

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Tibby November 10 2013 12:36:23
Bahaha! Well, if your guild was to generously donate a server transfer... possibly Wink Also Joe, you cant end your sub, because we both know when i return you will fall in love with the game again Wink Im just that awesome bahahaha!
Tibby November 10 2013 12:34:37
and i dont need to worry about the mythic stuff as im not an officer xD! (Good luck Tanki and Chris) Pfft
Euphrati November 10 2013 10:27:40
And I might also have a lvl 90 horde come WoD but no idea what toon it will be.
Euphrati November 10 2013 10:27:06
Bad Joe, Bad!! He's ours!
JoeBravo November 10 2013 10:15:25
Tibs, can I write you down as 1st recruit for WoD for my horde guild? Pfft
JoeBravo November 10 2013 09:20:28
Maz, you done any recruiting lately? Do you have any idea how hard it is to even find 10 more equally skilled and motivated ppl and make them fit into a raidgroup? It's been a struggle to keep our 10 man running this expac allready, don't look forward to
Euphrati November 10 2013 08:28:19
We're still Alliance Tibs and understand Joe just hope things sort out okay for your Hordies! We'd miss you if you left too XD
Euphrati November 10 2013 08:27:34
Tried to cbox a response Maz but wouldn't fit http://www.continuumeurope.co.uk/foru... ad_id=1080
Tanki November 10 2013 00:20:42
Tibs NO to being Horde.... and Joe don't swear like that, you dare stop your sub and I WILL hunt you down...... XD
Mazango November 09 2013 23:24:44
Not really seeing the problem with Mythic, Just run the others with 20 peoples. I actually quite like these changes, it finally stops the segregation of 10 and 25 guilds.
JoeBravo November 09 2013 22:48:22
Bothers me so much I can't really enjoy all the other news
JoeBravo November 09 2013 22:46:29
Mythic change sucks. Might be the end of my horde raidgroup, therefore guild and maybe my sub too.
Tibby November 09 2013 22:35:12
So, did people change servers after all? Tanki has informed me of the new expansion and it looks awesome! Plus i get to skip Pandaria on one character... Tibby shall rise again! (can we be horde now so i can be undead?) Pfft
Euphrati November 09 2013 14:00:05
Cause after a certain point of going yeah you can come healers start feeling the strain if we've not gone up in proportion
Euphrati November 09 2013 13:59:32
Yeah wasn't so much worried about us for mythic can't really classify our progress as mythic this expansion more guilds like Joes. As for us yeah the flex in our raid is kinda cool just gotta make sure balanced right
Melodyx November 09 2013 12:18:15
yup thankfully we just get upgraded to heroic and can fit more people Pfft
Euphrati November 09 2013 12:10:07
Yeaaah kinda dislike the mythic tier (what heroic will be) change though as it kinda screws over 10man hc raiders ...
Melodyx November 09 2013 00:16:12
the raid changes are..... interesting 0.o
Euphrati November 08 2013 19:24:58
And the genius of the internets award goes to.... *drum roll please* http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/27... t-no-fear/ This guy!
Euphrati November 05 2013 19:15:48
Ah downside Horde/alliance "balance" is of course not a concern. Us= 1/0.5 Zenedar=1/0.05