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09-07-2014 22:06
There was several! ive deleted them & their posts.

09-07-2014 17:05
Spammer on new website?

04-07-2014 17:13
Meh, it's Kay, just me and zess exploring Pfft much paintings, so art.

04-07-2014 11:40
Sorry I requested the time off two months ago and they only told me I couldn't have it 2 weeks ago

03-07-2014 07:28
anywhere we should meet in Amsterdam if anyone's coming?

02-07-2014 23:25
So... whos actually comming, or will it just be me and zess exploring Amsterdam?

02-07-2014 14:01
Silly Chris... who made you think, you had a choise? Pfft

01-07-2014 10:26
Yeah afraid I can't make guild meet turns out I can't have that time off sadly...

28-06-2014 11:07
Soon Guild meeting Smile .... going to be fun XD

19-06-2014 19:43
We have moved, for those too lazy to venture into the actual forum Wink

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· mellony on March 29 2012
In-Game Guild Policy Meeting last night - Click Here for more information.

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Morchock Heroic
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1st heroic kill in Dragon Soul!

[Vagaries of Time] - Gz Ali
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Two to go!
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2 & 3 to come

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1st kill in Dragon Soul!
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Stage 1 Complete!
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Just sayin'

101/1000 to go for stage 2 >.>
Raggy Extinguished
· mellony on October 06 2011
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· Stygiax on September 08 2011