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09-07-2014 21:06
There was several! ive deleted them & their posts.

09-07-2014 16:05
Spammer on new website?

04-07-2014 16:13
Meh, it's Kay, just me and zess exploring Pfft much paintings, so art.

04-07-2014 10:40
Sorry I requested the time off two months ago and they only told me I couldn't have it 2 weeks ago

03-07-2014 06:28
anywhere we should meet in Amsterdam if anyone's coming?

02-07-2014 22:25
So... whos actually comming, or will it just be me and zess exploring Amsterdam?

02-07-2014 13:01
Silly Chris... who made you think, you had a choise? Pfft

01-07-2014 09:26
Yeah afraid I can't make guild meet turns out I can't have that time off sadly...

28-06-2014 10:07
Soon Guild meeting Smile .... going to be fun XD

19-06-2014 18:43
We have moved, for those too lazy to venture into the actual forum Wink

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Continuum Europe » Rules / public » Guild Rules
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Guild Rules
General rules
1. Being a Continuum guild member is a privilege - not a right.
2. All members must do their best to play well with others.
3. TeamSpeak and Guild Chat: RL rules for common courtesy applies here as well. Guild language is English. Join TeamSpeak with your ingame name.
4. Behave yourself. All members of Continuum are expected to keep an objective point of view when dealing with fellow members and the server community as a whole. Discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and politics are not tolerated. Speak in positive terms about Continuum as a guild and any member of it .
5. Help guildies when they need it.
6. You are always allowed to practice common sense.
7. Show respect to earn respect.
8. Help yourself. Don't depend on the guild to sort your problems or to achieve your goals.
9. No exploiting others, ninjaing loot or any other unethical behaviour.
10. To get something from the guildbank, you have to donate something to it. Gold (or food/flasks/pots/elixirs)

In the guild
1. Know the difference between advice and criticism; if you feel a guildmate is lacking in some way then think of a way to suggest improvement other than telling them that they suck. A suggested method on how they could go about doing so would make a good start.
2. Do NOT abandon your guildmates. If they are being ganked nearby then help them. If you are both part of a PUG group and your guildmate is kicked, then leave the party. If somebody is stuck, help get them unstuck.
3. Teamwork for the win! Show preference to guildmates when forming parties, selling items or offering services. Help each other complete quests and instances, especially for attunements and keys. Every time you pull together and help a guildy out, you strengthen the guild as a whole.
4. Although we allow and welcome criticism from our guild members (so we can improve ourselves) we will not tolerate criticism from outside the guild, even ex-members. This Criticism would only serve to demean the guild and what it stands for, and as such, will not be tolerated, any violation will be answered with account suspension, or if the comment is severe, IP suspension

In raids
1. Follow the instructions of the raid leader and officers. If you are given an order then carry it out without complaint.
2. Keep TeamSpeak clear when tactics are given.
3. Come prepared. Have yourself repaired and properly equipped with reagents and potions before you turn up for the raid.
4. Know your job and focus on it. Don't worry about what other people should be doing or competing for the damage meter. Damage meters may only be shared in whispers.
5. No ganking at summoning stones.
6. Always ensure your equipment is FULLY gemmed and enchanted. This also goes for off spec gear provided you have a full set and do intend to roll on off spec gear. Guild bank will help with the main spec gear for all raiders (Off spec gems and enchants also available at officer discretion).

We expect everyone in Continuum to play nice with everyone else on the server. If you don't get on with someone, thats fine, we know some peoples personality will clash with others it's a fact of life, but please just avoid and /ignore them. Do not start a name calling match, it just reflects badly on yourself and the guild.
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